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Empowering the Future of Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Creonow is the premier evidence-based workforce skills ePortfolio platform where CTE Students shine, institutes grow, and Employers connect. Transforming vocational training into dream jobs and fruitful careers, we’re here to revolutionize the modern CTE ecosystem. The online portfolio (ePortfolio) for students helps them to stand out from the crowd. CTE institutes enhance student engagement with gamified rewards and present focused candidates who are an apt fit for prospective Employers.

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CTE Solutions

CTE Solutions through Creonow represents a significant advancement in Career and Technical Education by leveraging innovative tools and strategies to empower students and educators. By providing comprehensive resources tailored to the needs of diverse learning environments, Creonow facilitates hands-on learning experiences that are crucial for skill development in various technical fields. The platform's user-friendly interface and robust support system ensure that students can access up-to-date information and training, enhancing their readiness for the workforce.

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CTE Institutes

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Organizations always aspire to increase their students’ success by providing them with quality engagement avenues. Creonow helps them to monetize this process.

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Employers face the daunting task of sourcing candidates with the precise skills needed for their hiring needs. Creonow helps them smoothly to achieve this objective.

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Nonprofit organizations are always on the lookout to deliver quality community projects with the help of a skilled workforce and save costs. Creonow helps them to bridge this gap.

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Grant Program

Creonow supports Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs that enhance workforce development leading to job placements through innovative digital portfolios and interactive learning opportunities.

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Student Solutions

Creonow is dedicated to empowering students in Career and Technical Education (CTE) by providing them with the tools and resources they need to excel in their chosen fields. Through Creonow, CTE students gain access to industry-relevant content, training, and real-world projects that enhance their practical skills and knowledge. The platform also offers personalized career guidance, mentorship opportunities, and a supportive community that fosters collaboration and growth. By leveraging Creonow, CTE students are better prepared to meet the demands of the modern workforce, ensuring they achieve their career goals and contribute meaningfully to their industries.

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Student ePortfolio

Get Noticed, Get Hired!

On Creonow, thousands of career-oriented CTE new comers and industry newcomers have hit the ground running and entered the workforce on their terms. You can take control of your career from the moment it begins, by setting up your free digital eportfolio where it can be seen. An ePortfolio is a must-have in this digital world!

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Competitions, for you to demonstrate your impressive abilities!

We nurture the competitive instincts of every Student on Creonow. The talented Students and industry newcomers on our platform have many opportunities to compete against each other in one of our hotly-contested art, design, or working skills-based competitions.

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Creo Live

Live Sessions to learn and expand your horizons!

Participating in a Creo Live session offers significant benefits to CTE (Career and Technical Education) students. These interactive sessions provide live insights on various aspects of trade training which is crucial for students aiming to excel in chosen CTE fields. The real-time interaction with industry experts and peers fosters a collaborative learning environment.

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Success Trends

Informative Resources to augment your knowledge!

Success Trends offers numerous benefits for Career and Technical Education (CTE) students through ongoing blogs, enhancing their learning experiences and professional development. Success Trends improves learning and technical skills, as well as provides deeper knowledge consolidation and research abilities. Success Trends encourages critical thinking, creativity, and personal expression.

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Trending Blogs on Creonow

CTE Clusters Served by Creonow

Creonow has cast a wide net to draw in the best of the best freshman candidates from the following 16 CTE career sectors

Agriculture & Natural Resources

Architecture & Construction

Arts & Communication

Business Management & Administration

Education & Training


Government & Public Administration

Health Sciences

Hospitality & Tourism

Human Services

Information Technology

Law, Public Safety & Corrections



Applied Sciences