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Creonow, an evidence-based workforce skills ePortfolio Platform offers CTE Institutes instant access to a wealth of Student Engagement avenues across all 16 Study and Career Clusters within Career and Technical Education (CTE).

Using Creonow, leading CTE institutes are empowering their students to fully focus on launching their careers with ready access to a wider range of opportunities. Creonow offers specialized Admin dashboards for our CTE partners to digitally track and analyze their students’ data and lay out the optimal career path for each Student.

Reporting and Dashboard Analytics

Track Training & Skills through Student Portfolios

Keep an eye on your student’ Creonow portfolios to monitor their certifications, course completions, skill levels, and work experience

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Data Analytics

Unlock the power of data to monitor Student progress, optimize learning paths, and make informed decisions about your job placement strategies

CTE Institute Admin Console

We enable digitalized management of the entire CTE ecosystem, from tracking Student assignments and projects to managing their internships and apprenticeships

Boost Student Success

Increase your students’ job application hit ratio by helping them set up ePortfolios and real-world project showcases that stand out

Increase Student Engagement

CTE institutes must find new ways to engage their students in this fast-paced era and enhance their revenue streams. With Creonow, you can promise your students guaranteed access to meaningful new skill-building opportunities in the real world. You can bust the negative myths around vocational careers, by offering your Students Creonow’s modernized career preparation features.


Advantage Creonow

Generate More Revenue

Discover new revenue streams through enhanced engagement and Creonow’s innovative CTE partnership program offerings

Outreach & Engagement

Expand your reach and connect with the wider CTE community using Creonow’s targeted communication tools

Creo Live

Host or participate in Creonow’s live learning and webinar sessions, and other industry events which bring the CTE community together

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Privacy First

Customize your students’ privacy settings on Creonow, to ensure that they retain control over their information and how it’s shared


CTE Solutions

Creonow is committed to CTE Solutions by revolutionizing the education impartment, setting new standards in student engagement, curriculum relevance, and industry collaboration.



Creonow is committed to revolutionizing employee hiring and recruitment by providing companies access to the right skilled work-ready resources who can be productive from day one.



Creonow is committed to revolutionizing nonprofit organizations' engagement by providing them access to the right skilled work-ready resources for their voluntary work.


Grant Program

Creonow is committed to the growth of CTE Institutes by providing them access to the flagship ePortfolio platform along with several innovative initiatives to unlock their full potential.