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Launch Your Vocational Career with Creonow:
The Key to Connecting Talent with Employers

Are you looking to kick off your vocational career with a bang? It’s easier said than done, especially if you don’t have a digital portfolio to your name. Many CTE Students lose interest in their chosen career track, just waiting for the fish to bite. Creonow has a proven track record of matching promising new talent with the perfect Employer.

At this stage in your career, you need hands-on exposure to the real-world applications of your hard-earned skills. A Creonow portfolio empowers CTE Students to enter the workforce with a sense of assured confidence in their own abilities! Here’s what a Creonow portfolio can do for you:

Benefits to Students

Highlight your Individual Contributions

With thousands of CTE Students competing for their first job, the difficulty is in standing out. Announce yourself and establish your skill level with a sleek digital portfolio!

Cut-Down on Job-hunting Time

Employers trust a Creonow portfolio to provide an honest picture of one’s skills, certifications, and work experience - which speeds up their hiring process

Explore Job-shadowing Opportunities

Get matched with Employers who are looking to groom new industry talent such as yourself

Find On-the-job Training Opportunities

Prove your skills by scoring your first chance to work as an intern with the industry under expert guidance

Enhance Your Career with Creonow: Earn Skill Badges, Certifications, and Showcase Projects

As you progress in your career, you can level up your ever-expanding Creonow portfolio in parallel, by earning new Skill Badges, and adding new industry certifications and projects to adorn your portfolio. Why leave anything out? Just be sure to include a link to your Creonow portfolio within your professional resume!

Based on both Student and Employer feedback, we have fine-tuned the Creonow portfolio template and upgraded our platform’s functionality to keep up with the expectations of the new generation with state-of-the-art features.


Advantage Creonow

Show off your Industry Certifications

Boost your industry exposure by marking your technical expertise and skills on the map

Upload Work Samples and Add Projects

Work and Project achievements get exemplified once they are listed and organized for everyone to admire

Claim your Spot on Creonow’s Trending Page

Only the most impressive Student portfolios can earn a place on Creonow’s Trending page - which is our ultimate spotlight

Keep an Eye on Industry Skill Requirements

On Creonow, you won’t miss out on the latest requirements and trending skills in your chosen industry sector


Student ePortfolio

Creonow is committed to helping build the Student ePortfolio that offers to showcase their evidence-based skills, achievements, and projects in a visually appealing and organized manner.



Creonow is committed to nurturing the competitive instincts of every Student on the platform as it showcases their talents, gains recognition, and enhances their skills.


Creo Live

Creonow is committed to offering real-time, interactive learning experiences that are crucial for student development through various engagement avenues.


Success Trends

Creonow is committed to helping students understand Success Trends that are crucial equipping them with insights into the current and future demands of the job market.