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Creonow, an ePortfolio platform, offers Employers instant access to a wealth of skilled workforce data across all 16 Study and Career Clusters within Career and Technical Education (CTE).

With Creonow, recruiters need not search far and wide just to find reliable new comers. We’ve narrowed it down for you, by assembling a large curated pool of job-seeking talent with verifiable skills and certifications. Join Creonow to close your skills gap and start hiring your industry’s best and brightest up-and-comers right out of trade school!

Benefits to Employers

Collaborate with CTE Institutes

Build fruitful relationships with CTE Institutes on Creonow, to funnel in trustworthy newcomers straight from the source

Build Rapport with Job-Seekers

Foster a sense of familiarity and mutual trust in Job-seekers minds by providing apt job descriptions and consistent communication with potential newcomers

Save Hiring Time

Cut down on your hiring time with Creonow’s streamlined job application process

Save Money

Skills-based hiring via Creonow has led to reduced employee turnover and training costs for Employers

Creonow: Bridging the Gap Between Training and Career for Industry Employers

We believe that industry Employers are key players in the training-to-career pipeline, and Creonow’s ePortfolio template was designed with the Employer’s needs in mind. We aim to solve common hiring issues like skill validation. Here are some useful Creonow features that Employers from over 16 industry sectors rely on:

Advantage Creonow

Verify Qualifications

You can check each Creonow portfolio for industry-recognized credentials, grades, & certifications, for an honest picture of the qualifications of thousands of potential candidates

Verify Skillsets

Creonow offers 100% evidence-based verification, so you can validate each candidate’s Creonow portfolio for Skill Badges to figure out if their abilities are the right fit for your organization

Groom New Talent

Track your employees’ upskilling journeys, by using Creonow’s Admin dashboard to identify the employees who could benefit from your support for their upskilling ambitions

Host Webinars on Creo Live

Strengthen your ties to the CTE community by hosting one of our live Industry Veteran Webinars or join our panel of experts to get your message across

Know more

CTE Solutions

Creonow is committed to CTE Solutions by revolutionizing the education impartment, setting new standards in student engagement, curriculum relevance, and industry collaboration.


CTE Institutes

Creonow offers CTE Institutes instant access to a wealth of Student Engagement avenues across all 16 Study and Career Clusters within Career and Technical Education (CTE).



Creonow is committed to revolutionizing nonprofit organizations' engagement by providing them access to the right skilled work-ready resources for their voluntary work.


Grant Program

Creonow is committed to the growth of CTE Institutes by providing them access to the flagship ePortfolio platform along with several innovative initiatives to unlock their full potential.