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Empowering Nonprofits: Unlocking Talent and Opportunities with Creonow

Nonprofits are too often overlooked in the CTE ecosystem and it can be tough to increase your Nonprofit’s workforce by attracting the best and the brightest industry newcomers. Society as a whole stand to benefit from a skilled young workforce driving Nonprofit success. So, we aim to do our part in making it easier for Nonprofits to find skilled volunteers and paid workers. On Creonow, Nonprofits can unlock the following possibilities:

Benefits to Nonprofits

Collaborate with CTE Institutes

Build fruitful relationships with CTE Institutes and trade schools on Creonow, to funnel promising newcomers straight into the workforce

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Attract More New Volunteers

Tag your job openings with the required skills on Creonow, to ensure that you draw in the right volunteers and job-seekers

Groom New Talent

Assist in project-based learning, by providing real-world challenges for CTE Students through Creonow and giving them meaningful opportunities to make a difference

Support Skill Development

On Creonow, you can play a pivotal role in your community’s skill development by offering practical project opportunities to promising candidates from underprivileged backgrounds

Revolutionize Nonprofit Community Projects

Creonow brings together Nonprofit Organizations, CTE Educators, and Students to fulfill no-cost project requirements by accessing actual Career and Technical Education skills. It provides Nonprofit Organizations access to the right skilled work-ready resources that can provide to them through voluntary project work in return for a sense of accomplishment.


Advantage Creonow

Creonow Partnership at No Cost

We offer our services to Nonprofits for free, so that there is no barrier between you and your ideally skilled team of enthusiastic young volunteers

Deepen Community Ties

Expand your nonprofit’s reach and engage with the wider CTE community using Creonow’s targeted communication tools that boost visibility

Enhance Donor Engagement

Use Creonow to showcase the direct impact of your Nonprofit initiatives to your donors, thereby attracting new donors and securing essential funding

Creo Live

Put your Nonprofit in the spotlight by hosting or participating in Creonow’s live webinar sessions and other industry events which bring the entire CTE community together

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CTE Solutions

Creonow is committed to CTE Solutions by revolutionizing the education impartment, setting new standards in student engagement, curriculum relevance, and industry collaboration.


CTE Institutes

Creonow offers CTE Institutes instant access to a wealth of Student Engagement avenues across all 16 Study and Career Clusters within Career and Technical Education (CTE).



Creonow is committed to revolutionizing employee hiring and recruitment by providing companies access to the right skilled work-ready resources who can be productive from day one.


Grant Program

Creonow is committed to the growth of CTE Institutes by providing them access to the flagship ePortfolio platform along with several innovative initiatives to unlock their full potential.