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1. A student can enter multiple poster designs
2. All designs must be entered before 12 midnight (UTC) on 15th Oct 2021.
3. Each design must be directly relevant to this competition’s theme of Action Games Poster Design.
4. Students may make use of text (the video-game's title) to enhance their poster (but they must limit the usage of words to 3 words per poster)
5. Designs must be completely original
6. Designs can be heavily edited versions of any existing videogame poster (in this case, you must also submit the original existing poster for the sake of side-by-side comparison)
7. Acceptable formats of design: poster designs, 2D illustrative vector designs, paintings,  and sketches.
8. Unacceptable formats of design: Photographic, 3D rendered elements, tracing, & gridding.
9. Designs must be in .jpeg or .png format
10. Minimum size: 680 x 490 pixels, Maximum size: 1200x1000 pixels
11. Only registered users of Creonow can be a part of this competition
11. Be as creative as possible!

What our organisers are saying?

The wait is over! Creonow's most awaited Online Design Competition is finally here.


Creonow is all-set to host its third online design contest to upskill the expertise of budding Designers/Creators around the globe. Buckle up and get ready to conquer the league with your skills & creativity.


The winner stands a chance to win a whopping $300, along with your forte highlighted in our spotlight section!


For this competition, you'll be relied upon to present a dynamic-looking unique plan on the topic of Designing the Metaverse Concept. Our contest jury expects expertly cleaned work that hotshot the astonishing components of any high power innovativeness, depending on what's to come!

The long wait is over! Creonow is launching another online competition for aspiring visual design and graphic design students from our global online community of budding artists. Register now, to put your creativity, talent, and skills to the ultimate test.

Competition Theme: You must design the Poster for any Action Video-Game

For this competition, you’ll be expected to submit a dynamic-looking original poster design on the theme of Action Video-Games. Our competition jury expects professionally polished designs that show off the exciting elements of any high-octane action video-game! You can create a completely original, new poster or make edits on the existing posters of your favourite action video-games.

Do you have what it takes to design a great video-game poster? If our jury enjoys your work, we'll share your poster throughout the online gaming community, which will boost your reach and put your work in the spotlight.

Only the most creative and pulse-poundingly dynamic design will be judged victorious, and the winner will be announced on 30th Oct 2021. You stand to win 300$ and get your art featured in our spotlight!

So seize this opportunity to measure your progress as a learning artist, by going up against hundreds of other talented up-and-comers from all over the world!

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