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Being more than three decades of age, UNS continues to struggle and bear a hard mandate: to increase the nation’s intellectual life. Various activities have been carried out and many accomplishments have been achieved. Currently, UNS has grown and developed into one of the outstanding universities in Indonesia. In the future, UNS is expected to develop as a leading university in education, research and community service, both at the national level—inline with the earlier developed colleges and at the international level, as a university which is capable to act autonomously as a world class university. Currently, UNS is constantly developing itself to compete in acceleration development program in the field of: a) access equity and expand; b) improvement of quality, relevance, and competitiveness; and c) improvement of governance, accountability, and public image. The efforts to develop UNS to be an eminent university at the international level and be advanced in science, technology and art, as mandated in UNS Vision and Mission, has a big consequence and responsibility, particularly in building a mutual commitment, which are: promoting the quality, being professional, effective, and efficient. Various programs, policies, and activities have been continuously conducted to face the challenges of the rapid, dynamic, interdependent, and complex global change. We have to admit that the challenges in the future are much more difficult, because the development of higher education can not be separated from the rapid development of the world’s science, technology, art and culture, and economy. Those changes will eventually demand that the graduates possess reliable and competitive competencies.


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